VBRA Member Restaurants

Virginia Beach is full of great restaurants of all cuisines and flavors! These are all members of the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association covering all areas of Virginia Beach from the Resort area at the Oceanfront to the west end in the Town Center area. Please, join us for a fabulous of evening of good food and friendly atmosphere!

Area: Great Neck
Address: 1340 North Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-965-3050
Area: Resort
Address: 712 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: (757)319-5146

Tiki’s Bar and Grill

Area: Town Center
Address: 4312 Holland Road, #107, Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: (757) 500-4189
Area: Town Center
Address: 4501 Main Street, Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-264-4808
Area: Great Neck
Address: 1427 N. Great Neck Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-496-2663
Area: General Booth
Address: 1630 General Booth Boulevard, Suite 100, Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-689-1747
Area: General Booth, Red Mill
Address: 2149 General Booth Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-620-6039
Area: Shore Drive
Address: 4497 Lookout Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-460-0715

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