“The Recipe”
A photographic journey through the Virginia Beach Restaurant scene

“The Recipe”

a photographic journey through the Virginia Beach Restaurant scene

The Virginia Beach Restaurant Association is proud to announce its partnership with Mr. Nathan W. Beck of Beck Image in the creation of “The Recipe” – a photographic journey through the Virginia Beach Restaurant scene. 

The exhibit consists of sixty photographs, taking the viewer behind the scenes of members of the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association. Your visual journey commences with: 

  • The Beginning of a Culinary Career
  • Ingredients’ Origins Highlighting Local Farms, Seafood, and Food Distributors
  • The Guests that Grace our Doorsteps
  • The Kitchen Ballet
  • The Stars of the Menu: Food and Beverages
  • “Last Call”

The exhibit will open to the public June 18, 2024, through September 7, 2024, at Tidewater Community College/City of Virginia Beach Joint-Use Library, 1700 College Crescent, Building L, Virginia Beach, VA  23453 (located on the SW corner of S. Rosemont Road and Faculty Boulevard).

We invite you to embark on a visual odyssey through the artistry of culinary craftsmanship, as we showcase the faces, dedication and commitment of culinary students and instructors, restaurant owners and staff, the stars of the show – sips and savors, the kitchen ballet, the origins of ingredients, and the shared dining experience. These captivating photographs, featuring members of the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association, serve as a guide, a family tradition, a shared experience – a connection that transcends the boundaries of the dining table.  “The Recipe” consists of over eighty photographs and new to the exhibit is a family themed scavenger hunt.

The exhibit is available for viewing during library hours of operation. https://libguides.tcc.edu/JUL. Narrated tours with the photographer are available by contacting Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, publicist, at elizabeth@duncan-hawker.com.

The Recipe: a photographic journey through the Virginia Beach Restaurant scene

The Power of Connection

If you think of all the memorable events in your life, it is certain that 90 percent happened in a restaurant. Restaurants are the heartbeat of the community. It was no more evident during the 2020 pandemic when the restaurant industry experienced a shutdown. We lost our go-to place to share a meal with friends, to connect with our restaurant family, to meet new people and frankly let someone else answer the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?”.

On a fateful day in April 2022, a mutual friend invited two acquaintances to dinner and connection at IL Giardino Ristorante on Atlantic Avenue, in the resort area of Virginia Beach. One being an internationally renowned photographer who loves to take pictures in restaurants, Mr. Nathan W. Beck, and the other, the Executive Director of the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association, Mrs. Martha P. Davenport. Through the course of the evening as interests were exchanged, the idea for “The Recipe” came alive. 

“Every once in a while, you meet someone, and it profoundly hits you that “I have to introduce you to this friend of mine.” I knew remarkable things could happen if Martha met Nathan. They both have that creative fun nature about them that brings ideas to reality.  At our dinner at IL Giardino, it was a humbling moment to watch the magic happen as “aha” thought bubbles floated above their heads,” Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, best-selling author, Collecting True Friends.

After many exhausting days of photo shoots, countless hours spent taking the perfect photo, schedules that went awry, and numerous meals and beverages, we welcome you to enjoy “The Recipe.”  Cheers!

*Neptune Statue created by Paul DiPasquale, 2005

About Mr. Beck

Mr. Nathan W. Beck is an internationally renowned commercial photographer whose images have appeared on ABC News’ 20/20 and in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times Style Magazine, New York Post, Washington Times, Associated Press, Asian American Times, and many others. Mr. Beck’s prominent reputation is highlighted by his celebrity expertise across the political, sports, and film arenas. His clients have included thirteen U.S. Governors, three U.S. Presidents, three Vice Presidents, and familiar names like Charlton Heston, Jodie Foster, Jackie Chan, Jeff Gordon, and Tiger Woods. Over the last 35 years, Mr. Beck’s extensive commercial business photography services have extended across the restaurant, sports, travel, leisure, non-profit and corporate industries.

See more of Mr. Beck’s work at beckimage.com